Use one or two key messages at best. Sharing an interesting email is as easy as hitting the forward button and typing in an email address or two. At a time when the whole world is trying to find solutions to the rapid climatic changes, solar companies are creating waves through their digital marketing endeavours. You can then alter your campaign depending on your findings and use that detail to inform the rest of your marketing plans as well. Something like ‘Reasons why cheap solar panels will cost you more in the long run’ should do the job. Solar Sales & Marketing 1. Give IMG Direct Marketing a call at 888-669-8857 and let's get started! For instance, for both solar manufacturers and installers, you could make your emails more geographically relevant to your consumers. Features Learn how we streamline campaign planning, help optimize journeys, and simplify competitive audits. Insights: Try to keep your emails simple. Use all of these vital details to maintain the right frequency for sending emails to fulfil your business’ goals. This will be your greatest asset when it comes to garnering traffic and getting people to engage with your business. Email marketing allows you to alert your target market to the benefits of your services and convert leads into sales. The more customers know about your company, the more comfortable they’ll be making a purchase and recommending you to their friends and family. “If you have more money than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing. Solar Marketing Idea #1: Design a Conversion-Based Website. Engaging content in the solar industry is a great start. #1: Write a Blog Post A blog post is one of the best ways of getting your solar company noticed, but as you may have guessed, there’s more to it than just publishing a post on your company’s blog. Insights: A solar company may overlook simple things. If you already have a page on any of the social platforms, make sure you use it strategically for your business. It’s the digital equivalent of Word-of-Mouth, and it works like a dream in solar marketing. Future Marketing Strategy points: Power production from thin film panel based solar power plants cost slightly less per kWh than that from crystalline solar power plants, but the practical efficiencies and robustness of thin films over a 25 year project time period is not well established. We have years of experience creating custom email marketing campaigns for our clients, and we’ll work with you to develop a strategy that’s tailored to your solar company’s goals. Additional ideas on effective marketing for your solar business: Promote your solar business strategically. Here are six steps that will help your content, email, and social media marketing work seamlessly together for your solar installation business. To the Sierra Club: “Solar systems are a great way to preserve the environment cleanly and quietly, and with rebates are at the lowest prices ever. Pay attention to the answer that people who have unsubscribed opted for in the questionnaire. But when they’ve decided it’s time for them to seriously consider making a solar purchase, you want to be the first company they think of. Your audience is made up of users who’ve given you their email addresses, meaning they’re interested in your company. Keep it updated with your contact information, promotions, latest products, and include brilliant content that supports your business. If you can get authoritative sources to link to your company’s work, you immediately up your credibility. Privacy & Terms of Use Email marketing converts three times more customers than social media, and customers who convert through email spend 17% more than other customers. Start with a webinar or a free e-book that they’ll find useful and entertaining. Another benefit of email marketing for solar companies is that it provides you with definitive data that you can use to improve your campaigns over time. If you're ready to get started using email marketing for your solar company, you can call 888-601-5359 (or contact us online) to get your free evaluation today! You need to check and then double-check. Nothing looks more unprofessional than having contact details that aren’t linking accurately. Sales & Marketing for Solar Salespeople & Companies - 34 How about ! Curious about what Solar has to offer? The person that received the forwarded email may even send it to someone else. That way, you can provide content tailored to each user’s experience. It’ll also keep you on the minds of potential customers. Solar Marketing Review. My solar system is a year old, and my solar installer is doing a free check-up.”. To do that, you can create an incentive-based system for your loyal consumers once they refer other people to use your products. So much so, that 4 out of 5 people have left a webpage because of a pop-up or auto-playing ad, as per Hubspot. So here’s the thing. The best thing to do is to make your contact details public and promote it by creating a social media page or a website to visit. Now, it was only logical to take this kind of referral system into the digital world. This regular communication is important, because not everyone who visits your website or signs up for your email list will be ready to contract a project immediately. Email marketing for solar companies is a cost-efficient strategy to educate your potential customers about the benefits of solar energy and to stay top of mind with ready-to-buy prospects. Learn more about our journey here. Insights: Your existing consumers could be a huge help to get new consumers. You can thank them for subscribing and ask them if they have any questions. Email marketing is one of these reliable strategies. You could create content for cold weather and separate content for warmer regions. With Internet marketing, you can make your campaigns much more targeted – and that’s especially true with email. Try not to go overboard with segmentation. If your solar company isn’t yet using email marketing, creating your first campaign would be an effective way to attract and convert valuable new leads. Check out our email marketing services for more information, or contact us today to speak with a strategist! Growth has been at the core of our strategy since our very foundation in 1919. This will not only leave you with more connections, but it will also give them more reasons to stay in business with you. If your solar company hasn’t quite warmed up to using email marketing, presenting your first campaign would be an efficient way to attract and convert valuable new leads. By engaging them through a sequence of email messages, it’s a powerful channel to delight and convert them from prospects to customers. Businesses today sometimes overlook email when planning their marketing strategies, but it’s still one of the most effective options available to marketers. Through effective email marketing, many of your consumers will welcome your expert assistance. Celebrating 25+ Years of Digital Marketing Excellence Email marketing can help solar companies attract new clients and increase their sales. Newsletter. We wait for 5 seconds and click “Skip Ad.”. Email vs. Social vs. Search Marketing for Solar Companies It can be quite confusing to select between email, social media, or search marketing and to know which one will suit the business best. Listed below are the tips that you will find useful. “You can also customize your emails by including subscribers’ names and mentioning services they’ve looked into. From promotional emails to a regular solar energy marketing newsletter, email marketing is a great digital tactic to use to nurture relationships with prospects and clients. For five of those years, she led the marketing initiatives for a California based solar installation firm.

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