I haven’t heard either myself but understand both to be very good. HIFIMAN re-400i. 78. Close. When I first reviewed the HiFiMAN Sundara mid 2019, I was thoroughly impressed with its performance for the price, and in fact its higher priced siblings the Ananda and Aryawere also quite impressive. Focal Elex headphone review ! Focal Elex is getting a lot of praise right now. Both of these are pretty highly praised open back headphones, but I can pick up a pair of DT1990’s for under $400. U18t, Andromeda, SE846,EE Hero, Focal Clear, HD800S, HD650, RME/887/ZDT Jr>Auteur/Atticus/HD800(SDR)/Elex/LCD2C/Verum1/HD6XX. Again, these are very quick off the bat comparisons in a shop. I think equating Elex to HD600 vs HD650 is more to do with Elex being leaner than Clear but it is not as forward in the presence region as HD600 IMO. Danke an Beyerdynamic für diesen super Preis bei einen so tollen Kopfhörer. They can kill you but they can also cause eargasm. 3; options; 36; votes; HIFIMAN RE-400. Show more. Kagoo Score. Hi Guys i have chosen theses headset what would you remove from the list. However, the Elear are open-back headphones, while the Elegia are the closed-back variant. David Sylvia . Philimon, JonCharles, Vorlon and 10 others like this. The 990 is V shaped and the amiron isn’t as it has good body in the mids. My Studio. Gebraucht kaufen: $839.99. Audiophile Product Question. AKG 701 vs sennheiser hd 650 vs Beyerdynamic 880 Audiophil-Neuling am 07.05.2010 – Letzte Antwort am 09.05.2010 – 6 Beiträge : Beyerdynamic t1 vs DT 1990 Pro Vincer am 25.11.2017 – Letzte Antwort am 20.11.2020 – 37 Beiträge : Beyerdynamic vs Sennheiser I am curious what is the more technically capable headphone (my guess is elex) but want to squeeze some opinions out of potential owners who can share some insight. by The Next Best Thing Studio 12 minutes, 2 seconds 3,031 views. Nonetheless, if you can find the DT 1990 Pro at $450 or under, I think it might still be worth considering. I mostly listen to music on Spotify but i got TIDAL and honestly im not really sure if i can hear much difference between the 16 bit Spotify music and the 24 bit "HIFI" and Mastered audio from TIDAL. Audiophile POLLS. Well, sometimes the measurements keep us honest. As far as the Elex just ignore them they get way too overhyped. Great news for people who are interested in Focal headphones, as Massdrop has announced the Massdrop x Focal Elex, a variation on the Elear based on feedback from members. Ears validate the measurements, not the other way. Personally, in your situation, I’d probably go for the LCD-X, and of your options, the DT 1990. But I've decided I'm definitely buying the elex, I'm gonna have to sell my dt 1990 pro's to do so but I'm pretty confident that the elex will be an upgrade in almost all ways to the 1990s anyways. Es ist ideal für die Aufbewahrung Ihrer wertvollen Focal, Beyerdynamic und Shure Kopfhörer. They can kill you but they can also cause eargasm. My brain says Hifiman Sundara but i love Beyerdynamic. Beyerdynamic DT1990 vs Focal Elex. They are practically all-black, expect for the metallic silver finish on the cup hinges and logo. Show more. I was in the same boat and have both. Der DT 1990 ist kristallklar von den Höhen bis in die Tiefen, tolle Ortbarkeit und das zu einem Preis, der bei 1/3 des HD 800 S / Focal Clear und 1/2 des T1.2 liegt. These are drop (formerly massdrop) collaboration design with focal. Show more. But the lower treble dip on the Elear sounds worse to me than either. Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro. Amiron Home is looking good as well depends on price. I think equating Elex to HD600 vs HD650 is more to do with Elex being leaner than Clear but it is not as forward in the presence region as HD600 IMO. The Focal Elex pads are going back on sale soon (Drop has ordered over 1000 pairs), and this time Drop promises they will be heavily QCing the pads to ensure they don't have a repeat of the nightmare they had last time (read up on it if you don't know about it and you're curious, tons of threads about it on reddit and in the Focal Elex Pads discussion tab on the product page for them). I'd say the DT1990s are 8.5/10 at almost everything (music, games, movies) whereas the Sundara's are 9/10 for somethings and 7/10 for other in terms of sound quality alone. AUDEZE LCD-1 Open Back Headphones 4.4 out of 5 stars 40. I bought these from Massdrop and run them through a Topping D70 > balanced > THX 788 via Audirvana and oh my! I haven’t heard it yet, but I own Elear and have heard Clear so I have a good idea of what it should sound like and it would fit what you are looking for. The best speakers I ever heard! They do need an amp though. Although, Hans Zimmer Blade Runner sound track seems made for DT1990s. The elex sounds amazing but is more forgiving to poorly mastered recordings. Diese Hülle ist kompatibel mit Focal Utopia, Stellia, Clear, Elegia, Elear, Massdrop Focal Elex und Beyerdynamic DT-1770 und DT-1990 und Shure SRH1840 SRH1540 SRH840 Kopfhörern. 78. back to Focal back to measurements home published: Jul-14-2017 NO SMOOTHING is applied to the shown plots. It’s also far more comfortable for me to wear than the Elex. Hi Guys i have chosen theses headset what would you remove from the list. … so I’d want it to be decent in everything. ELEX vs DT 1990 PRO - Duration: 13:42. I'm licensing to Rap, Hip-hop, Reggeaton, Trap, Spanish Music. Both have good audio reproduction, but the open design of the Elear will give you a more speaker-like experience. Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO. Rock, Oldies, Rap, etc. Reply January 1, 2017 symphonyofblase. … The treble is definitely more forward and revealing to my ears. DT1990s are very much track recording quality dependent but they never not sound good and some great recordings sound 9.5/10 but Sundara's make most music sound 9/10. Frequency response compared to Elex Clear = Green Elex = Gray It's like what I said, Elex is like HD600, Clear is like HD650 (Supposedly Elex is Elear wtih Clear-like pads.) Macrodynamics should be far better than 58x. WORLD's MOST EXPENSIVE HEADPHONES | SENNHEISER HE-1 Review. Focal ELEX vs DT 1990 PRO, Hifiman Ananda, HIFIMAN SUNDARA, HD 6xx. purr1n, Dec 15, 2017 #1. Focal Elex headphone review ! 4 offers from CDN$320.05. purr1n, Dec 15, 2017 #1. Anyone here have personal experience with dt 1990 pro and focal Elex? Reply December 26, 2016 Lieven . Comfort wise, the dt1990s needed a bit of breakin while the elex is immediately comfortable for me. Focal doesn't just make great speakers ! :D I love the engaging sound of the DT-1990. Focal Clear vs Elex. Massdrop x Focal Elex Headphones. purr1n Finding his inner redneck Staff … Some are saying it only happens at levels that are way beyond what you should be listening at, others say it varies depending on the individual headphone and song. Main cans-hex v2,aq nightowl Amps/dacs-Schiit Jot,darkvoice 336se, chord mojo Mobile … thumb_up 2. I’ve owned neither very long, but I’ve listened to both long enough to form some impressions. Let's Compare - MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Open vs Focal Elex by David Sylvia 16 minutes 4,058 views. Sennheiser HD 660 S at Audio46. Both of these are pretty highly praised open back headphones, but I can pick up a pair of DT1990’s for under $400. I'll recommend the Hifiman Sundara. On the Focal Elex I think the sliders are aluminum. These are MUCH better than the Beyer DT-880 headphones I had in the past. I don’t like the 880 as it sounds bright and thin’ish to me. One disadvantage of the Elex - they don't ship til August 31 now. Maybe consider Elear as well. I had Sundara's and the DT1990s, the 1990s are way better for gaming, the Sundara's are slightly better for music, not on all songs but generally I'd prefer them to DT1990s for the music I listen to. Kagoo Score. I recommend the DX3 Pro or Schiit Hel, both should fit in your budget.