To be in charge of the food will give you a higher status with your dog, it provides better feeding hygiene and solves most picky eaters problems. Dog diet was an easy resolved matter, it consisted of cooked meat scraps and rice plus some occasional left over. Which might be the best way of feeding a whippet is still controversial and unfortunately what makes an appropriate diet in a whippet view and in yours is probably not the same. Are you planning to get a whippet puppy? Greyhound whippet Italian greyhound: compare these three dog breeds and find your perfect match. DOG BOOKS by Michele Welton. Who can resist those imploring eyes? Give lots of praise (and treats) for the desired response- a calm, relaxed and happy dog. This habit will only spoil his appetite, teach him to use effectively those sweet eyes and make a beggar of him. Real Examples Included! Be egoistic, keep all your chocolate for yourself. Is it possible to tell a quality breeder from one who is merely interested in making a quick buck? The inebriating smell of trash has earned whippets the name of garbage hounds. Check the expiration date and store the food in a dry cool place. For variety you can add a little quantity of table scraps to your pet’s food bowl when  like meat, boneless chicken, eggs or rice. Whippet puppies are adorable and oh so very active! Whippet FAQ. A breeder with a sterling reputation is justified in charging more for puppies. Whenever I strayed from the premium brands I was punished with skin problems and consequent unwelcome vet bills. The litter should be registered with the AKC. The whippet is similar to a small greyhound. Whippet groups on social media are a great place to inquire about Whippets in need of a loving home. Anonymous View our privacy policy. On one side commercial diets have been tested on entire generation of dogs, their components provide optimal nutrition and the best dry dog foods contain human-quality ingredients. Having had dogs as a kid it's not too new to me but our first as a family. Access special offers, exclusive content, and receive tips on caring for & training your pup. The American Whippet Club maintain a central directory of Whippet breeders. Training sessions – puppies have a short attention span so train whippet dogs for only five to ten minutes every day. After this episode I wasn’t able to start a BARF diet again, so I can hardly call myself an expert in dog raw food diet. To get a healthy pet, never buy a puppy from a backyard breeder, puppy mill, or pet store. In the past the only option was making your own dog food at home. Are Whippets Good with Babies? Please enter the word that you see below. They … Typically, a poor breeder is easy to spot and the red flags are blatantly evident. All Whippet found here are from AKC-Registered parents. Help your whippet become a perfect companion. Do you have a whippety question? This is the reason that quality breeders will question you before a sale. With the free e-zine you'll get a house training flash course plus a handy infographic. Vaccines, deworming, housebreaking, nutrition, teething, training, and socialization should all be discussed. You may be lucky enough to view the sire but not always. Training Whippets. Observing your dog’s health, fitness and well-being will be the best guide in your decision. A puppy’s pedigree not only shows the pup’s ancestors but also lists titles, points, and championships that they earned in competitions. (If you’re busy raising, triplet infants, you may not have time to properly raise a puppy.). Substandard breeders may house their dogs in inferior, poorly kept conditions often without climate control and routine cleaning. Please do not purchase a dog from a breeder who clearly does not care for the dogs properly. Have you just got one? The Whippet is among the sleekest of dogs, with a curvaceous, streamlined silhouette, long legs, and a lean physique. Free Whippet Puppy Tips! Have you just got one? Recently it has been used to sweetly exterminate coyotes. How Much Do Goldendoodle Puppies Cost? The Whippet should do well on a high-quality dog food, whether commercially manufactured or home-prepared with your veterinarian’s supervision and approval. He is not “show quality” or otherwise he would have run about $2,000. Start on the right foot with these tips! (Many Whippet breeders will not sell you a puppy unless the yard is securely fenced.). Any breeder who won’t allow you to meet the parent dogs or see the place where the puppies are kept is obviously trying to hide something and should be avoided. Contact an animal rescue group if you are truly concerned. Quality breeders will keep the mother and puppies inside their home to ensure that the pups are accustomed to people and the day-to-day sounds of a busy household – the beginning of socialization. Always visit the puppy at the breeder’s kennels or home to see the puppies with their mother. As tempting as it might be to buy one in order to “rescue” him from a sad life, don’t do it. We also participate in other affiliate programs and are compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies (at no cost to you). Boring, routine whippet puppy training can make your puppy bored and cause his or her mind to wander. Buying A Whippet Puppy. To make dry dog food more appetizing, try adding some warm water. Hold a treat in front of the dog's nose and then move the treat slowly in a straight line from the dog to the bridge of your nose. Always end your training sessions with a happy note (when your dog does correct behavior). Finally, you decided for the diet that seems most appropriate for your dog, budget and lifestyle but your pet squarely refuses to eat the nutritious dog food so amorously provided. The dogs enjoyed the food variety and a reasonable good health but this regimen involved a good deal of extra cooking, storing, shopping and general laboring. Please do not purchase a dog from a breeder who clearly does not care for the dogs properly. © 2021 TrendingBreeds. Whippet Health. You may have high hopes of owning one of these fantastic dogs but are not sure what to expect as far as price tags are concerned. Whippets tend to be rather easygoing eaters especially if you are consistent with your choices right from the beginning but here are a few effective and tested techniques developed to deal with picky eaters. Look at pictures of Whippet puppies who need a home. He cost $1500. We have all the information you need right here, and rest assured, a Whippet is worth every penny. A good time to feed your dog would be after a walk. They should willingly provide documentation and discuss the results with you. Whippet puppies should be fed three or four meals a day. They typically cost between $1,200 and $2,000. Quality breeders will have puppies that are inquisitive, friendly, and energetic – the picture of good health. Instead of peppering you with questions to see if a Whippet is a good match for your family, poor quality breeders often attempt to rush the sale and place pressure on you to buy quickly before they sell out. Your employment – to see if you can afford to care for a puppy and to see if you will be at home enough for your puppy. Real Examples Included. Look at pictures of Whippet puppies who need a home. This invaluable course is concise but covers all the basics of getting ready for a puppy. I found out at my expense that veterinary bills can exceed what you might save on less nutritious dog food. Most bored dogs can be destructive, and whippets are no exception. does not sell dogs and makes no guarantee to the value or health of any dog. Went to see our new puppy in his breeder's home yesterday and all is well. Because of this, Whippet breeders should not price their dogs according to color or markings, as all are considered equal. Their dogs reap the consequences. Like a greyhound, the whippet is built for speed. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean food; praise your puppy every time he or she does the task you’ve set out for him or her to do. What is the reason for price differences? Whippet walking is one of life’s great pleasures and a fun way to discover new places and get fit with your pet. They can also put you in touch with smaller, regional Whippet clubs. Much more emphasis is placed on how well the dog conforms to the breed’s ideal body structure. The Whippet Puppy Survival Guide . Buying or Adopting a Whippet. Real World Examples, Labradoodle Puppy Costs | Real Breeder Examples & Prices, As an Amazon Associate, earns from qualifying purchases. Solve behavior problems like mouthing, separation anxiety and car sickness, with simple methods. When your pet begins to show a better appetite, increase the quantities. You might have researched online or been to a show like Discover Dogs. Two exceptions might be for any dogs who have the “dun” color or who are pure white – both of which are rather rare, therefore worth more. According to most people I’ve spoken to price ranges for a puppy from $1,000 to $2,500 depending on the state you’re in. If you found the perfect food for your whippet but he gets bored and looses interest, try switching the flavor within the same brand you trust. have puppies available frequently but will be happy to place your name (usually after a deposit has been paid) on a waiting list for an upcoming litter. Absolutely. And of course, I'm very biased but sighthound puppies, in particular, are so special and having raised one little hound and being in the process of raising another we've developed our own little survival guide. The area where the puppies are kept should be clean and odor-free. Irresponsible Whippet breeders don’t health screen their dogs to rule out genetic health issues before breeding. There are too many variables involved (weight, age, climate, level of activity) to determine once and for all a precise feeding table. The breeder would only be encouraged to continue practicing low standards of care. Their dogs may appear thin, lethargic, or disinterested. You'll receive them every 3 days to let the information sink in and allow you to get it all organized and ready for your new puppy. I live in Los Angeles.”, “I’m in California and I got my boy from a reputable breeder 15 years ago…he’s an old man now. Chocolate is poisonous for dogs. You can use the crate as part of a potty training program, a safe place for him when you can't keep your eyes on your pup, a way to keep him safe in the car, or as a place for your pup to spend time when you are not home. She was born weighing a lot less than her siblings, which I think means she’s the runt, so maybe that’s why she was cheaper.”. Follow us as we get our very first puppy. Typically, a poor breeder is easy to spot and the red flags are blatantly evident. Start on the right foot with these tips! Offer your dog a small amount of food for few minutes only and promptly remove any left over. If you have the time and the schedule flexibility to attend to the Whippet puppy’s more frequent need to go outside to potty, and the patience to train a puppy to be a good canine citizen, a puppy may be the best choice for you. Whippets usually don’t have very many health issues at all. Why buy a Whippet puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Perhaps you are fortunate enough to live in a part of the country where you have several nearby Whippet breeders to select from. Either way, you will want to pick the highest quality breeder to put the odds in your favor of bringing home a healthy and well-bred little Whippet. - bring water and a collapsible bowl for your dog They may ask about: Responsible Whippet breeders will health check their dogs before breeding takes place to screen for any eye and heart issues. All rights reserved. A breeder’s reputation directly hinges on the quality of the facilities and, more importantly, the ability to consistently produce high-quality puppies who adhere to the breed standards in terms of body conformation and temperament. Do make sure to reward your puppy only if he or she has done the task though. PuppyFind® provides a convenient and efficient means of selecting and purchasing the perfect Whippet puppy (or Whippet puppies) from the comfort of your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If he is getting fat and loses his curvy silhouette or consistently leaves food in his bowl, reduce the amount. Your family – to determine if the puppy will receive enough attention. Gorgeous little whippet is coming our way in a few weeks time. Whippet puppies are actually quite proficient at exercising themselves. All of the dogs should be in good health and appear to be well cared for. The larger the breed, the longer the growth period and the rate of growth is not always constant. Finding a Whippet puppy If you’d prefer to join your Whippet’s story at the very beginning then there are lots of fine resources to help you find a Whippet puppy. They charged $750 if I recall correctly. Anything Look…Weird? Contact an animal rescue group if you are truly concerned. Why buy a Whippet puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? A good crate may be one of the best things you can purchase for your Whippet puppy. There were two types of Whippet, one with short fur and one with a slightly longer and rougher looking coat. Yes. Adoption costs are usually $200 – $500, if you’re able to find one to adopt. They do insist on the luxury of being up on the furniture, so if this offends you, you shouldn't consider a … To help you out, we put together this table of actual breeder prices from different areas of the country. Whippet Temperament, Personality, Traits and Characteristics. THEY’RE SUPER-SPEEDY. Just like any other puppy out there, whippet puppies require a great deal of care, routine, training, and responsibility for them to grow into a healthy, well-adjusted adult dog. So, how do puppies naturally make use of stored energy and give their little bodies a workout? If you would rather not wait for months, adoption may be an option. Cooked bones are brittle and can cause choking, intestinal blockage and pierced intestinal walls. Enjoy whippet stories and hound watercolors in an easy to read format. He is my ideal pup, so worth it!”, “$1,000 for my first one in NC and $800 for a second one. On another hand these foods are highly processed and are very unlike a dog’s natural diet. If you get your puppy from a responsible, reputable and knowledgeable breeder; then he/she will be able to pick out the perfect puppy for you behavioral wise. A puppy should always be crated when you’re not supervising. Find out more about picky eaters and dog feeding here. Do not forget to praise and reward your dog if it does something right and not to get angry or show frustration when it makes a mistake. In the 19th century Whippets then progressed into racing dogs. Even dry food loses nutrients in time and the fats can degrade and become rancid. “I got my two-month-old Whippet from a Breeder a close friend recommended who has been showing and breeding Whippets for almost 30 years. Everything you need to know about Whippet puppies and adult dogs. But that was 15 years ago.”, “$1400+ airfare. Another sign of a quality breeder is the willingness to educate you on not only the Whippet breed but also about basic puppy care and what to expect in your dog’s first year. Enter here your query or keyword. Woof! According to the American Kennel Club (AKC) Whippet breed standards, the color of Whippet is, “immaterial,” meaning that any color is acceptable. The most notable influencing factors are the breeder’s quality and reputation and the puppy’s pedigree, though location and rare colors can affect the price as well. Whippet puppies can be mischievous and destructive, but adults are calm, undemanding, and unobtrusive indoors, trotting around with a light-footed easy grace and seldom making a peep. If you have chosen a whippet it is most likely because you know someone with one who has waxed lyrical about the virtues of this beautiful breed, and you have been charmed by their friendly and cheeky characters. They were known as ‘snap dogs’ for how quickly they would approach prey. The debate between the proponents of home made dog food and those who prefer commercial feeds is still open. A few tips on the weight of the puppy Whippet, during its growth: Growth of Whippet female: According to its size, the weight of the Whippet female at 3 months should be between 4.3 and 5.5 kg. Sometime ago I began to introduce my whippets to the dog raw food diet and they seemed to appreciate it but our experiments were cut short by the break down of our fridge. Unlike many humans, puppies tend to heed what their body is trying to tell them. They should also provide a certificate of health from a veterinarian for each puppy. Deciding to purchase any dog is a big decision and sometimes average prices just aren’t specific enough. Never buy a puppy from a pet shop or commercial kennels, as puppies from these outlets could well come from puppy farms. Whippet puppy development, from birth to full maturity, usually takes 16-18 months. Feeding a whippet at the same time every day, will make it  something to look forward to in the daily routine. The breeder would only be encouraged to continue practicing low standards of care. Continue to serve a puppy formulated food until they reach about 90% of … It's divided in 3 short chapters that cover: finding a puppy, shopping list, choosing a puppy and first days at home. For a more accurate estimate, enter your Whippet puppy's current age and weight into our Puppy Weight Predictor to predict its adult size. Never feed your whippet from the table or when you are cooking. To determine the appropriate amount of food there is no other way but the trial and error method. The location of the breeder sometimes influences the price of their pups. No worries! You checked the labels of the best rated dog foods, got lost in the debate between proponents of the dog raw food diet, the fans of commercial foods and the advocate of their grandma home made dog food recipe. Unlike Greyhounds, Whippets are not typically commercially raced, so a racetrack rescue isn’t a valid option.Â, How Much Do Cavapoo Puppies Cost? Please note this is an estimate based on typical growth patterns for Whippet puppies. If you would rather not wait for months, adoption may be an option. Their puppies are often fearful or shy around people due to a lack of socialization. Resist those doe eyes. When searching for a Whippet puppy, bear in mind that most breeders do not have puppies available frequently but will be happy to place your name (usually after a deposit has been paid) on a waiting list for an upcoming litter. This invaluable course is concise but covers all the basics of getting ready for a puppy. Adult whippets are no more destructive than any other breed. This whippet trait will teach you very effectively not to leave food around and will make of you a better housekeeper. He is a Blue whippet pedigree who is KC registered and absolutely beautiful. They also will generally have little paperwork and no customer contract listing your responsibilities for you to sign. Good, responsible breeding plus the breed standard not having specific colors or patterns has resulted in a large and strong gene pool. Once the treat is resting on the bridge of your nose say "Look". Maybe you are hours away from any breeders and will be forced to travel. A puppy whose bloodline is filled with proven winners will usually cost more, and rightly so. If you currently have your own whippet puppy or if you’re considering adding one to your family, then you might want to understand a few things about raising this happy, playful breed. The Whippet breed is a naturally sensitive, loyal, sweet breed of dog. In fact, they have a nice long lifespan of about 12-15 years. In a life time with dogs, I fed my pets with homemade food, dry, moist, commercial food and raw food depending on the dogs and the situation. To your dismay you realize that your beloved companion would rather gorge himself with the most repulsing garbage instead of your carefully chosen food. Don’t leave food available at all time. Find out how to get your puppy ready for leash walking, coursing and showing. Those who live near busy cities where the demand is often higher will frequently charge a bit more compared to those located in more rural areas. The dog is actually a little bit more curvaceous, with more arch to its loin. Greyhound Whippet Italian Greyhound: Differences and Similarities. Whippets are reliable family dogs but dogs and kids are not always a good mix. How much do Whippet puppies cost? By the time they’re a year old they should be fed twice daily. Your Whippet will need a minimum of an hour exercise every day. Breeders should allow you to meet the parent dogs if both are on sight (the sire might have been a stud from another breeder but pictures should be available) and allow you to view the area where the puppies have been raised. When searching for a Whippet puppy, bear in mind that most breeders do not have puppies available frequently but will be happy to place your name (usually after a deposit has been paid) on a waiting list for an upcoming litter. To be in charge of the food will give you a higher status with your dog, it provides better feeding hygiene and solves most picky eaters problems. They are known for being gentle, intelligent, and great with children. As you can see from the above table, and as you will likely discover in your own search for Whippet breeders, prices can vary somewhat but usually fall between $1,200 and $2,000. Subscribe in the box below and get the installments of my flash course directly in your mailbox for free. Well, let’s take a closer look. How Much Do Cockapoo Puppies Cost? Make sure to keep the dog looking at the treat the whole time. The first use of the breed name Whippet dates back to 1610. Unlike Greyhounds, Whippets are not typically commercially raced, so a racetrack rescue isn’t a valid option. Whippet Rescue and Placement is, however. and Petfinder are worth looking at too. The Whippet is the ultimate sprinter, unsurpassed by any other breed in their ability to accelerate to top speed and to twist and turn with unequaled agility. Again, this will improve your domestic abilities. All breeders listed routinely perform eye and heart screenings on their dogs and are committed to producing puppies who adhere to breed standards. Energetic exercise will increase your pet’s appetite and he will be less likely to fuss over his food. As an Amazon Associate, earns from qualifying purchases. To avoid begging, always add the table scraps to the dry food in your dog bowl. And your e-mail address is always safe with us, don't worry! Whippet Advice. For convenience reasons I never gave my whippets any other option but grain free dry dog food and some occasional table scrap added for variety. Puppies in general, are one of the best things in the world. This should be split into a couple of walks, usually a shorter one in the morning with a longer one with chance to sniff and explore later on. That inbreeding caused health issues for those breeds. Sadly, there are Whippet breeders out there who are only interested in selling as many puppies as possible to turn a quick profit. With their friendly, loving personalities and even temperaments, Whippets are excellent companions.

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