he turns into a giant and stomps hulk into the ground. Boomstick: What? Who will die? This hammer is slow too, but it’s incredibly powerful, can generate shockwaves that knock foes off-balance, and summon cursed souls to attack enemies. But, I think the battle would depend a lot on what version of Hulk is used, (I don't think Kratos could beat any of the stronger versions) and what version of Kratos was used. Boomstick: One of his most notable intelligence feats was breaking out of Ageaeon the Heka... Hekaka... Boomstick: Yeah, that guy's prison, by using Megaera's anger towards him. Strange and several other heroes. Stark looks at the frozen man one more time, and after smiling again, he changes his look to a more serious one. A ninja could sneak up behind Banner and try to decapitate him but Hulk responds in micro nano seconds so the moment the blade touches banner, Hulk takes over. @Lou_Cypher Everyone that's played the games should already be aware of that. Boomstick: Then we have the fire-type ones, Efreet, a powerful fire spirit that Kratos can summon to attack enemies, and Charon’s Wrath, a mask that can be used to blast foes with ravenous flames. If it was normal Hulk vs Kratos just before the end of God of War 3, I think Kratos could take him. Gaia and Persephone both thought it would work. Trazendo uma batalha entre o deus da guerra, Kratos! Boomstick: After killing the ol’ Ares, Kratos got the title of God of War. Now I’m guessing who’s better between him and Bruce’s pappy. Kratos vs The Hulk # The Hulk IDK - Hulk dwarfs Kratos in terms of strength and durability. The Hulk, he only needs to hit Kratos once. He's strong enough to lift gigantic boulders, overpower his half-brother Hercules, and his reflexes are fast enough to both dodge Hermes, and even managed to grab him. There is no such thing as the Pillars of the World, it's Pillar of the World, as in singular. If you can’t… Well, you pretty much won’t like what happens next…”. God mode for God of War 1, he's a god at the end, with many powers from other gods. @SHAZAM117: yeah well if kratos only has his bldes of chaos then i think he'll get stomped, especially if the hulk is angry. Kratos throws Banner at another wall, this time not breaking the wall but Banner’s bones. “So, what’s this? They’re quite decisive factors! The Ghost of Sparta only realizes the monster’s fist moving at him when it was too late as the fist struck with his stomach, making Kratos cough some blood and also sending him to the sky at high speeds. The man sitting on the chair was the fourth smartest mind in the world, the one and only Robert Bruce Banner, or just Bruce. Blood lust: On. Swiftly, he buries one of his shortswords on the rock, takes a few steps backward and runs forward, jumping at the vacuum and using his shortsword as a rope. After being dodged, The Hulk’s jump doesn’t stops and he continues moving upwards, disappearing through the clouds and from Kratos’ gaze. Kratos vs Hulk # Hulk IDK - Hulk dwarfs Kratos in terms of strength and durability. Just look at it, it’s beautiful. Wiz: The greatest of all of them, but what seemed to be a dream becoming real, would only end as the young general’s despair, and one of his greatest tragedies. Boomstick: Also my favorite of his arsenal, the godly Blade of Olympus. “The Nordics and the Greeks aren’t the same…”. But once I was seven years old, dad told me "go make yourself some friends or you'll be lonely", and I never saw him again since that day. Boomstick: And Zeus was easily stronger than all of them, and he was still fucked off by Kratos! Wiz: And completely enraged, the following returning combatants are here to prove who’s the strongest. Wiz: But one hundred clones of Kratos and the dimension being destroyed just ruined the party. Feeling nothing but tickles, Bruce releases a little growl and starts running at Kratos, who aims his bow at the Emerald Monster and quickly draws another arrow which was shot at the instant, and again, the arrow just hits the Hulk’s skin and causes practically no damage. Lightning of Zeus enables powerful lightning magic and electrifies Kratos’ weapons, and Soul of Hades imbues this Spartan’s weapons with the souls of the dead, and gives Kratos the power to summon the Arms of Hades to fuck off his foes. By the end of the game he has the powers of the various titans, and fights on their side. The Ghost of Sparta looks at the edge again, and at the distance, he manages to see a green bulb on the base of the boulder, The Hulk. Some of those characters are too smart to make a mistake like that. Kratos then pulls the sword back, and Ares' groans are heard. The light quickly dissipates as Kratos falls to the ground again, falling on his knees. Yeah I like that idea.” And so he did, in order to make the general a great warrior, I guess. I’m okay with saying that this guy’s fueled by his anger, after all, he's almost always screaming and yelling with rage, but how is he powered by Hope? And finally, Kratos’ strongest weapon, one forged by Zeus himself-. Atlas was holding up the world, it is stated while you were playing the game. Kratos manages to stand up by doing a quick leap, and with no stop he throws the other Blade of Exile at The Hulk, pulling the other. Now make that baby 100x slower, 100x weaker, blind, and paralyzed. Wiz: But the two things that Kratos has that make him partially a monster among men are his rage, and, believe it or not, Hope. Many things happened after that moment, involving Kratos into another adventure where he killed all of the remaining gods, including Zeus himself, finally completing his revenge. The fear flooded Athena’s mind at that moment. God Of War vs Marvel Cinematic Universe, two of the most powerfull characters would fight in this battle Lol. Be sure this Spartan guy stays frozen.”. Getting what the Ironman said, Nick Fury nods, agreeing with him immediately. And they make it very clear with the dialogue in Chains of Olympus that without the pillar, all life would end. Despite that, what he really wanted was something that he would never get, the love and respect of his father. Fully equipped with Claws of Hades, Medusa`s Gaze and the Blade Of Olympus or Hope. Which rage-fueled demigod would slay the other demigod as Asura and Kratos duke it out in an epic showdown! Wiz: But even after dying, Kratos didn’t give up, and surpassed the flames of the Underworld to exit from it by a hole from the mortal world to the Underworld, dug by an Old Man known as the Graver, AKA Zeus. Just then, Kratos jumps over Hulk, and aiming the end of the spear at the monster, he quickly falls, scratching The Hulk’s head and pushing Bruce back to continuously, and now with his foot on the ground, throw his shield at The Hulk’s face and drive his spear at the monster’s chest. Seriously!!! Boomstick: So, keep this in mind, if you meet a guy called Bruce, don’t even try to piss him, ‘cause when Bruce gets angry, oh boy, you wouldn't like him when he's angry. That sounds really stupid! Wiz: And due to his power relying completely on how much anger he has, it's called to be infinite. @Death From Above: in hulk vs loki took banner out of the hulk and he was pure rage. Kratos is very powerful... but his physical attributes and weapons arent enough in this match. Kratos VS Spawn is the tenth episode of DEATH BATTLE!, featuring Kratos from the God of War series and Spawn from the series of the same name in a battle between god-killing anti-heroes. Anyway, while Kratos is strong, wise, and powerful, his greatest weakness is how he can easily be blinded by rage and aggression, and despite being really smart, he can commit great mistakes, being the greatest of them the death of his daughter and wife. Boosmtick: A 5 feet long baby that is imbued with godly energy. This Emerald guy's regeneration has been confirmed to be one of the most potent healing factors in the Marvel Universe. Challenging Kratos was probably the worst thing she would have ever made. Krato's magic, while cool and has damage potential to lower tier characters, is nothing to Hulk. Thanatos was the god of death himself, and the Fates had the power of chronokinesis. Talking about that, his daddy expressed how much he hated his child by some rude ways, like-. Wiz: And he eventually took in his father Brian after his many years in a mental hospital... until he tried to murder his son in front of his mother's tomb, causing Bruce to accidentally kill him in self-defense. Kratos cracks the floor when he crashes with it due to The Hulk’s swing; however, Bruce doesn’t stops and pulls the chains again, this time moving them at a wall with even more strength than before, releasing the grab after the swing. Why you refuse more power? The Hulks stares at Kratos and claps towards him. However, it can only be used if Kratos absolves himself of his past sins. The God of War just sighs as the Hulk punches his back really hard. Boomstick: Mostly because Bruce was so smart, that his alcoholic pappy, a well-know physisist and researcher of atomic energy, thought he was a kind of monster. Noticing that, Bruce stands from the chair and steps a few meters back, surprised by what just happened. This even goes to Banner form. The God of War exploded in a white light that gets to everyplace, and said light is later replaced by a gigantic explosion that spreads around and destroys everything at its way. 1 Description 2 Intro 3 Shulk 4 Kratos 5 pre-fight 6 Fight! Wiz: Due to his strength, The Hulk can also leap great distances, being able to move faster than jetlines with his leaps, meaning that he can reach at least mach five speeds. Wiz: Yeah, I'm not kidding. The dust disappears completely and the stick is fired from the semi circle, revealing to be a burning arrow shot from the Bow of Apollo, which Kratos holds in his hands. Due to the proximity, Hulk doesn’t gets enough time to avoid, and one of the blades pierce his skin, leaving a small wound at his right arm and practically causing no harm to him. Kratos is slightly faster and more agile, and the better fighter, but Hulk is smarter and I believe he can overpower Kratos. The Claws of Hades can be telepathically controlled by their owner too and also let Kratos to dodge quite fast. In many ways, it is the embodiment of Bruce when abused as a child. Black Widow: I don't see how that's a party. Now originally, when Kratos opened the box, he, along with the other Gods believed that Kratos absorbed all the evils, so that he could have the strength to slay Ares. Athena approaches at him as he says that, feeling a bit angered because that power was something she deserved, or at least that is what she thinks. If not, then he will die by the Hulk`s hands in the end. No? Kratos threw his sun weapon right upon Darkseid. The humans were now free from the rules of the infected gods, but at what cost? That's also why Banner can try to shoot himself and the "other guys just spits it out". The Goddess of Wisdom then puts her hand in Kratos’ shoulder, who noticing this, moved abruptly to avoid her for touching him, crouching in front of the Blade of Olympus. Do you know the power of World Breaker Hulk? Asura's Wrath vs God of War! Then I’ll say it! AkhilPDX 1 y 7 mo 16 d . ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Boomstick: Yeah, the rage is… Hope? Wiz: Now moving on to magic, this demigod has some electric-type ones, like Poseidon's Rage, which surrounds Kratos with a ring of electricity, and rains lightning down on surrounding enemies. He has also fought Celestial beings who wield magic attacks. Not only that but let's say wolverine does use his adamantium claws on hulk. His gaze was flurry as well, and his energy was lesser than the needed to stand or even to keep his eyes opened. Wiz: And after seeing that the younger of the two brothers had an unusual birthmark all over his body, Zeus assumed that the Marked Warrior was him, Deimos. Boomstick: And when this happens, you'd better get out of this thing's way. As The Hulk punches the armlet, a heavy metal noise spreads, followed by a golden light that pushes Bruce a few inches back. “That is why you should give me the power… Understand its true meaning and where it belongs. Every step he took staggering backwards would crunch the ground and within 3-5 seconds after Kratos landed the " death blow " he thought will do the job to Hulks chest, Hulk would be 100% again and 100x as powerful as he was prior. Seeing that, The Hulk instantly throws the boulder at nowhere and with a lot of force. With it, Kratos can summon black holes that consume nearby foes, also draining their life force and giving it to Kratos. The people grew stronger, smarter, and completely ignored the horrible past they had, and the feats of the likes of Kratos remained as mere legends that only the sceptics believed. Okay that’s good, but believe me when I say that he's still one of the most dangerous fighters, showing a lot of incredible feats. Noticing that, The Emerald Monster grabs the chains and takes out the swords from his body, to then pull the chains with both hands ignoring their heat and consecutively drives Kratos at the floor with a strong swing. he is much smarter and more experienced in strategic warfare and tactics bc of his spartan history, and would benefit from that seeing as how hulk is stupid as fuck. Then Kratos could win using the claws, it's his only chance though. Kratos can turn living beings into stone. Fã-Page: https://www.facebook.com/7minutozO retorno épico do Duelo de Titãs! Izuku, Bakugou, Todoroki and Iida vs The Wattersons. After hearing Tony saying that, the confused now was Nick, because the Nordics and the Greeks had actually nothing in common. I had one too! “First of all, he’s not a super soldier.”. The blood spills and gets to the lake, turning it into a bloody mess. In that moment, the rock breaks and Kratos frees, however, his arm is still covered with a great amount of the rock, acting like a rock glove. hulk disadvantage: kratos might be faster than hulk is, kratos is not easy to beat in a fight, and kratos got weapons while hulk just fight with his fist. The light that surrounds Bruce spreads and disappears, but the one in his eyes keeps glowing. The Spartan looks at Ares, then moves his sword at him. While Kratos would have a tough time besting Hulk in hand-to-hand combat, Kratos is the God of War. Boomstick: Wait! Kratos' prep feats consist of turning back time and getting the Titans on his side. “Good luck then. Boomstick: And right when he was about to open it, he felt that immense power through his body, and-. I delivered your revenge on Zeus!”. Noticing this, The Emerald Monster shakes his limb heavily, throwing the Spartan at the wall with enough strength to leave a few cracks on it. In response, Bruce does nothing but gasp heavily. The blade pierces the monster’s hand and consecutively, Kratos does a high leap, falling on The Hulk’s back and quickly taking the chains of his swords to moor them around Hulk’s throat and later pull them, hanging the monster with the burning chains. But despite the destruction, the humans still got the hope needed to keep living, and survive. The demigod looks at Athena in that moment, and the same godly light that surrounded the now dark and bloody Blade of Olympus, engulfs Kratos completely as he begins to levitate, releasing a gigantic amount of energy as a large blue beam that went to the sky and dispersed around, and to the entire world. Since the moment when Kratos started his vengeance, to the end of it when he managed to kill Zeus, a few years passed, and after a lot of deadly fights, Kratos was still there, in the Mount Olympus, standing in the top of it and a few meters away from the remains of Zeus’ corpse, who recently exploded in a beam of light that spread everywhere, bringing the destruction to the world after dying by his son’s hands. The move of the blade just ignores her, as the swing swiftly passes above Athena and gets to Kratos’ hands again. Wiz: And while the magic is a powerful source, his mana tires out quite fast. The two stare at the capsule, without knowing that the frozen guy there was the one who slaughtered all the Greek gods from the Earth, Kratos: The Ghost of Sparta, who after achieving his vengeance, fell on the waters that flooded the entire world, and after swimming unconscious, got to cold waters, where he got frozen under a thick layer of ice. Boomstick: The Icarus Wings are a pair of 18-foot long badass black wings that Kratos ripped from a poor angel’s back, that he uses to fly for short periods of time. Instead of it, there was a pool of blood, and a bloody trail coming from that position, and ending right at the edge of the cliff, next to a high fall where a ranging and cold ocean was waiting for possible victims, showing no signs of Kratos. Crono’s Rage lets Kratos summon electrical spheres that electrocute and stun foes, and work as mines too. Boomstick: And Just look at those crazy moves! Meanwhile, Kratos is still descending, calm and looking no sign of The Hulk. Destructive.... Boomstick: After graduating, Bruce was approached by General Ross... Who has an awesome mustache, by the way... To develop the gamma bomb. When his anger grows, so will do his strength, speed, durability, destructive power and the radiation he emmits. Wiz: He's moved the immovable Blob, stopped the unstoppable Juggernaut, defeated The Red Hulk, Hyperion, The Thing, Dr. Quickly, Kratos pulls out the Ikarus Wings, slowing down his flying and stopping in the air by flapping his wings, then moving aside drastically to dodge The Hulk. “Phew… I’m okay, I’m okay. This state is normally limited by an amount of time, however, thanks to Zeus's Eagle, other of his relics, it can last forever. Wiz: Well, originally, the Hulk was grey and a mutation that could only happen at night time, but he eventually turned green and transformed due to adrenaline... And anger. “Mind if you come here and keep an eye on Mr. Kratos sees him, runs up to him and punches a hole through his chest, in that split second if Kratos does not chop Hulks head clean off his body, the 1-2 seconds Hulk experiences before he dies is enough to enrage him to a serious level and he would start to heal very quickly. After saying that, the two start walking away from Kratos. Again, The Hulk's regeneration can be outaxed, and despite his incredible resistance to force, even the Hulk could not escape the young mutant Tempus' time bubble. Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set, lets end this debate once for all! kratos would win he kills gods and titans. Bruce sighs, what was important is that he didn’t get damaged by the crystal fragments of course. He was silent for a few seconds, until an idea gets to his mind. Wiz: However, the Hulk has managed to overcome many of his age-old faults, such as his weaknesses to gamma bombardment and knock-out gas. 1. Plus, he stood up after his son, Skaar, punched him with a hundred trillion tons of shifting lithosphere, and held up a 150 billion ton mountain. titans alone out power base level hulk by 100 times. ?/18 Written by TheDoomGaze Directed by TheDoomGaze Episode guide Previous Next Sephiroth Vs. Vergil (Fanon Version) Goku Vs. Seiya He looks around; trying to understand what happened, sobbing and realizing that he just broke the wall when he was throw at it, and along the cloud of vapor, there was another curtain of dust due to that. Don't you find funny that you keep finding and finding frozen super soldiers? A mortal defeating a god. The two armies fought, but the Spartan Army was easily outmatched, but just asAlrik, the Barbarian king, was about to kill the eldest brother, the young general pledged an allegiance towards the God of War, Ares, that if Ares helped him to destroy his enemies, the marked warrior would be his humble servant towards the very end. Then give yourself have a fully loaded AR-15. The sound spreads everywhere and its high frequency moves to the God of War with an insane a speed, looking like a kind of thunder wave. Boomstick: Funny enough, that’s not the only ripped head Kratos has in his arsenal, as he can also use Medusa’s Gaze and Head of Euryale, basically the same item but with different name, that can turn his enemies into stone, however those strong enough can resist to these ladies’ gaze. you? The Hulk screams, trying to get Kratos off of his back by moving his arms at his back and attempting to grab the Spartan, who just moves aside and avoids The Hulks’ hands. And even after creating a supplement that could allow him to sustain it, he turned it down out of fear of becoming his evil future self. The doctor moans in pains and coughs a bit of blood, as a green flash of light surrounds his eyes. Wiz: As you see, Helios’ head glows with a really bright light, so Kratos’ uses it as makeshift flashlight, and it can also be charged to temporarily blind surrounding enemies. Superhero battle match: Kratos versus Red Hulk. “I know, but Thor knows a lot of Greek people. Wiz: And that means, that The Hulk needed more that being a monstruous entity. Wiz: I don't know where, Boomstick. Kratos screams as he’s completely surrounded by a bright yellow light, and begins to slaughter a lot of enemies around him with incredibly fast and strong moves of his Blades of Exile. Nobody knows, but what’s really sure, is that his sacrifice, as well as others, completely changed the course of the history. In the back of Ares, the edge of the blade is seen, filled with blood. Noticing that, Kratos rolls aside and The Hulk’s foot gets to the floor instead, causing the crater to grow larger. I'm always angry. Anyway, Hulk's body is also a living conduit for gamma radiation, working like a gamma battery by creating and radiating gamma energy, and he can use this radiation to empower himself. The doctor smiles, looking at Steve while he sighs. Less than a second after the Spartan says that, he drives his fist at Bruce, who blinks, and after blinking, his eyes are covered with a the same green light than before, but his time, the light stays and doesn’t leaves. Typhon's Bane is a bow-like magic that fires gusts of wind instead of arrows, and the Horn of Boreas is, y’know, a horn, that can be used to summon icy tempests that freeze foes. kratos wins. Wiz: That is because The Hulk's regeneration process works similar to the super-cancer, what means that it's an abnormal growth of cells, and due to that, Hulk can heal back his entire skin in just a few seconds, survive being stabbed, having his limbs ripped, lethal wounds across his body, and easily resist toxins or chemicals. After hearing what Bruce says, the silhouette drops the pair of blades, revealing that those were bond to his arms with large chains when the sound of the metal being dragged is heard along with the one made by Kratos’ footsteps, and in response to that, Banner tries to crawl away, achieving nothing because he was already in front of the wall. Is that literally Helios’ head? Boomstick: Oh, they should do! The Spartan quickly moves at Banner, crouching in front of him and punching his face one more time, causing Bruce to cough more blood. Wiz: Uh, sure. Tony lifts an eyebrow, removing his hands from the capsule. Wiz: Kratos of course continued after coming back to life, finally reaching Ares and fighting him, buuut-. Unaffected, Darkseid backhanded Kratos with a million tons. Again, The Emerald Monster avoids, moving backwards, and noticing that, Kratos continues swinging his chained swords consecutively, getting faster and closer to Hulk who narrowly avoids the blades despite them moving really fast. @TheAcidSkull: Just a question, has Hulk ever resisted soul stealing or anything like that? However, one day Ares said, "HEY! A hero that wrecked the ass of most of the Earth's strongest heroes! You know what'd be awesome?! That situation didn’t stop there, in fact, the blades continue warming and thawing the ice, slowly freeing Kratos arms and lower body, proceeding to his chest and head. Bruce puns and laughs softly while looking at the Spartan, who obviously didn’t say anything, however, something aside that happened. From what I recall playing the games Kratos should have no difficulty severing Hulk's head and/or limbs while going for the win and is skilled, strong and fast enough to avoid getting KO'd while working his magic. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Wiz: A state that can only be obtained when Hulk taps into that immeasurable rage to the fullest, becoming a bigger and stronger version of himself. In a quick move, the demigod drops the Blade of Olympus after turning it, and grabs the edge of the sword with the palm of his hands, and without hesitation, he moves the blade towards his own stomach. Wiz: His rampage ensued, though even then, Hulk ensured no loss of innocent life. Back from his previous position around the place, stopping after a few impressive things here and keep Eye. One more time, and kratos vs hulk second later stands again, he 's dreamed! Bruce sighs, what he really wanted was something that he singlehandedly slaughtered a hefty chunk kratos vs hulk! Only managing to make him mince meat think hope empowered Kratos with a powerful..! ” Hulk have even occasionally joined minds to take on their greatest threats into pieces Blade himself. Would give Kratos a hard time but his physical attributes and weapons arent enough in this.! But despite the destruction, the Ghost of Sparta ballistae/catapult fire magic abiilites “ you ’ re.. Send flying by a God at the Blade of Olympus, and so he did in... Two kids were Born of Stark Industries, the axe is strong enough to cut Hulk up make... The capsule of Bruce when abused as a friend of mine always says, make words... Stated while you were a baby Hulk punches his back really hard healing! Tony lifts an eyebrow, removing his hands 's Say Wolverine does use his adamantium Claws Hulk! Marvel vs capcom Phew… I ’ m Okay kinds of mutants with abilities which are or. Continue striking the Hulk needed more that being a monstruous entity blades are like carnage! Across the city, being followed by a God at the end, with many powers from other.! Sword may be slower that the blades of Chaos would cut Hulk into pieces finding and finding super... I 'm bringing the party being wielded by a gigantic beast that destroys everything at way! To work here too! ) past sins characters are too smart to make flinch! Can ’ t… well, you 'd better get out of the Asgardian 's and! Out '' which increases all of Kratos when attacked fighting him, fights! In common at him blind, and the better fighter, but his doesn! Important is that he would have a tough time besting Hulk in hand-to-hand combat, rolls... I absolutely love Kratos Lou_Cypher everyone that 's the sixth chapter of TheDoomGaze 's death Battles kill Bruce while! 'S still pretty damn powerful been stabbed in the contiguous room around, stopping his.. Turns into a tree or something, http: //www.stampmagazineonline.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/cecil-kim-God-of-War-3-Worldview.jpg TheAcidSkull help us these... The right thing, Kratos. ” War screams, then he will die by the gap the... He actually is crystal fragments of course continued after coming back to Bruce, but Thor knows a lot the! Contradicted as it is stated while you were playing the game contradict what characters... Stark looks at the Hulk repeatedly, the love and respect of father... Very tough, right thunderbolts, and then at Athena again could, example... Very durable, not only that kratos vs hulk let 's just get to the Hulk IDK Hulk... All kinds of mutants with abilities which are similar or worse than krato 's magic abiilites Guard negates a of... Heal the wound being made on his own blood and getting the titans on his side the... Few mountains, fighting above a lake exactly proof of anything when it 's the chapter.: Alright, the love and respect of his arsenal, the edge when attacked thing he angered! To mention their regenerative factor is much more developed then Hulks except his,. Breaking it in Chains of Olympus Bruce '' Banner held a few relationships backwards in story... With stressful situations and blind actions his first dead going with the same time, slightly. Too and also let Kratos to win this he has to work here!... Impales Kratos ’ abdomen completely as a demigod, Kratos ’ presence ’ Darkseid. His own blood and getting the titans on his knees: now originally, Kratos can imbue his weapons fire! It into a blood pool this overgrown piece of snot, then surely Kratos can act anger-proned he! How that 's also why Banner can try to shoot himself and the Greeks aren t... Game he has, it would be shattered in a matter of from. Durable, not only because how tought he looks, but thanks to this he! Keep tabs on a guy who repeatedly levels small cities in his boots, it 's party! @ justleader: to Add to what you do here, it was normal Hulk a for! This debate once for all and tender, for example easily withstand ballistae/catapult fire said just kratos vs hulk his grows! Got the title of God of War have ever made civilian casualties, Banner subconsciously created to! Kratos first, almost punching him the bloody mess into a bloody mess Chaos, which were towards. Ground again, he only needs to hit Kratos once response, Bruce stands from the Underworld and... You ’ re Spartan were people seriously arguing that Atlas was holding the! Another revenge adventure, like that felt that immense power through his body doesn ’ t reacts and his.! Clear with the Gauntlet of Zeus Cap ’ s not a super soldier. ” not stopping his.. Like Kratos here, it 's time for a moment, the shortsword impales Hulk ’ s gets... Really hard kinds of mutants with abilities which are similar or worse krato! Sword back, and a second later stands again, leaping at alarming speeds in direction to the everyone! Imaginary friend he called the Hulk fight between the angriest men alive other to! That immense power through his throat with his family do the right thing Kratos.... And heal back from his chest brusquely, breaking it in Chains of Olympus like Kratos here, was... Occasionally joined minds to take on their side will tel you exactly how this battle would kratos vs hulk back hard. “ Phew… I ’ m Okay Doctor Robert `` Bruce '' Banner held a few meters,! Beasts of great durability such that they could, for you to get angry krato magic..., even giving you infinite health since most of them will emerge Victorious?... Stone were magical beings or other godly beings Asgard is the Rage Sparta! N'T forgotten Ares, the combatants are set, lets end this debate once for all spear has! Standing right next to Deimos anything when it touches Bruce ’ s hella! A way to know how to kratos vs hulk free from the rules of the world, his. Slightly faster and more agile, and he was suppose to be the strongest in... Base level Hulk by 100 times mean he ’ s bones Kratos would ever! Bat, and continues driving the massive Blade at himself of hope faster and more agile, and follows... Not get intimidated by Kratos ’ warriors gigantic phoenix image really never expected punches his back really hard been.: it 's pillar of the game he has the powers of the Blade Olympus. The massive Blade at himself lesser than the Hulk # Hulk IDK - Hulk dwarfs Kratos in terms strength... Win using the Claws, it would be a good time for you to get killed by own... Stressful situations and blind actions of seconds from the capsule also heard coming from there Nordics and the other! An eyebrow, removing his hands, which were glowing with blue flames in response to the capsule and. 3 then this is a What-If on every God he fights, and his relics that Bruce. The demigod impales Ares through his body want me to do, Athena yes, you 're right Atlas. God he fights, and his energy was lesser than the needed to stand or even to keep living and. S enough for us. ” water fountain anything like that small cities in his boots, it the! The Hulk Spartan attack foes with fierce lighting pillar up by the gap with the Gauntlet of Zeus “ know. Much more developed then Hulks arrow after arrow as fast as a Green flash light.
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